Security Lighting Systems

Security Lighting For Your Home and Business

Security lighting can be used in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Security lighting, one of the most common types of outdoor security, is an effective deterrent in preventing crime and intrusions.

An Intruder intending to enter your premises does not like two things – NOISE and LIGHT.

To increase your security, you can install security lighting from the very simple single floodlight with a built-in Infra-red Sensor to a professional Security Lighting System, which can be controlled and switched from inside the building.

The system can be designed to allow the area around the building to be divided into separate individually activated zones.

The security lighting can also be used in conjunction with Closed Circuit Television cameras, to record any unusual activity.
A1 SAS security liverpool use equipment in our Security Lighting Systems from the leading manufacturers, who specialise in this area of building Protection.


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Solar Security Lights

Solar security lights are an important advancement in home security as well as safety. Solar security lights do not require a need for tangled wires that would drain unnecessary energy or one's pocketbook.

Solar Security Lights
Energy-saving & effective deterrents
against thieves and criminals.

Solar security lights provide a well lit path through one's yard that easily illuminates anything else that may be hiding in the yard.

Using a set of rechargeable batteries, solar security lights are charged throughout the course of the day when the sun's UV rays come into contact with the photovoltaic cells that make up the solar unit.

Solar security lights may not only be set to automatically come on at dusk, but some of the newer models can come with a remote system to allow you to turn them off at night if you wish.

There are also larger solar security light systems that are great for use in areas that the standard path style light cannot reach. These larger solar security lights usually come with halogen bulbs as well as a passive infrared sensor, which is sometimes called a PIR.

The PIR can then be set for a highly adjustable choice of angles as well as distances in order to control how and when the solar security light is activated. But, the major down side of these kinds of solar security lights is due to their high energy consuming bulb, which usually average 50 to 60 illuminations on a single battery recharge.

The solar security light that has become the most popular next to the path have to be the floodlight. The solar-powered floodlight, which utilizes a halogen bulb, is not just for walkways but also for garages and driveways as well as the backyard sheds. Solar security lights are specially designed to turn on automatically when it detects any motion during the night.

The batteries that are used with solar security sights are usually a sealed lead acid battery, similar to that of a car's battery but on a much smaller scale. These batteries allow for multiple discharges throughout the night but do not require a full discharge before recharging the battery again. There are also many solar security lights that utilize a Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH battery instead of the lead acid battery.

Solar security lights are a cost-effective addition to any home. Their wireless installation make it a cinch for even the most timid home improvement enthusiast and they can be used anywhere around the house that needs a late night light shining into the dark.

Since some models of solar security lights also some with an external solar collector, you can utilize the lights inside the house as well as over shaded areas of your yard. This is done by mounting the light in one location and the solar panel in another location. The two elements could be 50 feet away from each other while still receiving an ample amount of sunlight necessary to recharge the solar security light's batteries.

external cctv camera

We take great pride in developing new designs; utilising the latest technology and implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that will ensure our respected position within the industry.

By listening to, and working closely with our customers, we are able to continuously refine and evolve our products and quality systems. Our policy has been to provide a service, which is constantly updated to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers and in accordance with all current, and anticipated, industry standards.

Long term investment in our research and development programmes enables us to continue to generate the ideas and innovative products of the future.

security lighting controller

The latest security lighting controllers

GJD Quality lighting control

Digital 4 Zone Lighting Controller & Enunciator

GJD's next generation release of its very successful Solitaire range.

Individual zone timers, user recordable messages and much more.

external pir detectors for lighting

External security lighting sensors

Small, neat and effective

Opal XL External PIR

IP55 rated, 10 to 35 metre, 90 degree fully adjustable. An inconspicuous and proven 35-metre external passive infrared detector that works in conjunction with GJD’s security lighting controllers.

GJD Opal XL detectors are designed for outdoor use in conjunction with the following GJD indoor lighting controllers:

• Sapphire Mk3
• Emerald Mk3
• 2 and 4 zone Solitaire keypads
• Solitaire Expansion Unit
• The new DygiZone 4 zone lighting controller /enunciator

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